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RM/AF/58 Evaluation of Multipurpose Tree Species based Agroforestry Systems G. Venkatesh 2019-2025
RM/AF/59 Evaluation of bamboo species suitable for Southern Telangana region G. Venkatesh 2021-2023
RM/AF/39 Development and performance evaluation of self propelled reaper for harvesting of short and bushy crops. Dhimate Ashish Satish 2018-2021
RM/FM/49 Development of solar powered mechanization package for small farm holders in rainfed system R. V. Adake 2019-2024
RM/FM/50 Development and Performance evaluation of Intra Row Weeder cum Basin Lister for Tree based dryland horticultural crops B. Sanjeeva Reddy 2019-2022
RM/RM/54 Potential role of in situ moisture conservation and nutrient management strategies for sustainable production and resource use efficiency in rainfed areas G. Pratibha 2021-2024
RM/RM/52 Design and development of sub-surface water harvesting and recycling system for augmentation of farm pond in dryland agriculture Manoranjan Kumar 2019-2024
RM/RM/54 Effect of Ca-bentonite on Soil Moisture Dynamics and Availability of Nutrients in Semi-arid Rainfed Alfisols A.K. Indoria 2021-2025
RM/RM/38 Assessment of soil quality and development of indices for predominant rainfed areas of Karnataka falling in AESR-6.2 under different crops and cropping systems A.K. Indoria 2018-2021
RM/NM/35 Estimating the carbon sequestration potential of semi-arid soils using carbon saturation concept. K. Srinivas 2018-2023
RM/SS/53 Characterizing preferential flow in soils of semi- arid Telangana Pushpanjali 2019 - 2023
NRMACRIDA SIL202200500005 Evaluation of Natural Farming Practices to Sustain Soil Health and Crop productivity in rainfed areas Pushpanjali 2022 - 2026
RM/RM/53 Soil water dynamics in Raised bed with modified furrow system and supplemental irrigation in Alfisols R. Rejani 2021-2025
RM/SS/54 Enhancing the bio-availability of rock phosphate P through the application of natural zeolite V. GirijaVeni 2021-2024
NRMACRIDASIL 202200100001 Effect of in-situ soil moisture conservation and INM with nano-nitrogen application on nitrogen transformations and yield of maize in a rainfed alfisol Suvana S. 2022 - 2025
CS/EN/42 Predicting climate change impact on insect pests of dryland crops using phenology modelling T. V. Prasad 2018-2023
CS/Horti. /44 Collection and evaluation of tamarind (Tamarindus indicaL.) germplasm from rainfed areas of Deccan and Bastar Plateau. A.G.K. Reddy 2018-2023
CS/FN/02 Nutritional profiling of major rainfed crops from diverse agro ecologies K. Sreedevi Shankar 2021-2024
CS/MB/44 Rhizo-microbiome of rainfed crops under semi-arid region of India M. Manjunath 2021-2024
CS/CP/42 Genetic enhancement for nutritionally rich high yielding horse gram varieties suitable for rainfed conditions K. Salini 2021-2024
CS/EN/43 Evaluation of low-cost approaches for management of FAW, Spodoptera frugiperda in maize M. Srinivasa Rao 2021-2023
CS/CP/43 Genetic enhancement for abiotic stress tolerance in maize Basudeb Sarkar 2021-2023
CS/CP/44 Mitigation of Water Stress in Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) by Zn Nano Particle Action on Photosystem II, Electron Transport and Pigment Complex A. K. Shanker 2021-2023
CS/CP/41 Assessing the potential of mechanized strip intercropping systems for crop intensification as a climate adaptive strategy in rainfed agriculture V. Maruthi 2021-2024
CS/EN/44 Bioclimatic Thresholds and Thermal Constants for aphid, Melanaphis sacchari (Homoptera: Aphidida) on Sorghum bicolor M. Prabhakar 2021-2023
CS/CP/45 Individual and interactive effects of moisture deficit and elevated temperature on physiological efficiency of C3 and C4 rainfed crops M. Vanaja 2021-2023
NRMACRIDASIL 202200200002 Development of climate resilient double cropping system for resource conservation and sustainability in rainfed alfisols V. Visha Kumari 2022 - 2026
D&A/CA/46 Harnessing statistical tools for informed decision making towards sustainable rainfed agriculture B.M.K. Raju 2021-2025
D&A/CA/56 Using the economic surplus method to assess economy wide impacts of CRIDA technologies/policies A. Amarender Reddy 2021-2024
D&A/CA/57 Economic impact of livestock as means of livelihood security to resource poor dryland farmers Josily Samuel 2021-2024
TOT/AE/50 Development of strategic framework for upscaling of proven technologies in rainfed areas K. Nagasree 2021- 2023
TOT/AE/51 Assessment of Adoption Potential and Constraints for Popularizing/Upscaling Raised Bed Planter (RBP) and Broad Bed & Furrow Planter (BBF) in Unreached Areas K. Ravi Shankar 2021- 2024
TOT/AE/52 Multi-dimensional Study on Wellbeing Outcomes in Relation to Agricultural Interventions: Evidences from Semi-Arid Regions of India Jagriti Rohit 2021- 2024
TOT/AE/53 Livelihood Diversification Strategies in Rainfed areas of Telangana State G. Nirmala 2021- 2024
TOT/LM/57 Dry fortified Total Mixed Ration (TMR) for indigenous sheep P. K. Pankaj 2021- 2024
NRMACRIDASIL202200300003 Bridging the Digital Divide for Efficient ICT-led Extension in Rainfed areas Anshida Beevi 2022 - 2024
PC(D)/06 Water resources development and livelihood improvements of farmers in rainfed areas- an on-farm research Boini Narsimlu 2021-2023
PC(D)/07 Quantification and valuation of ecosystem services from agroforestry systems in rainfed agroecological regions K.B. Sridhar 2020-2022
NRMACRIDASIL 202200400004 Adaptation and mitigation potential of millet based organic production systems in rainfed alfisols K.A. Gopinath 2022-2026
Inter-institutional AICRPAM & IMD (MoES) Developing a criteria-based decision support system and standalone software for supporting the crop-specific district wise Agromet Advisory Services in India CRIDA: Santanu Kumar Bal IMD: 2021-2026
RM/SS/55 Evaluation of universal soil extractants for rapid soil testing S.S. Balloli 2021-2023
NRMACRIDASIL202300100006 Genetic studies in finger millet for climate resilience and nutritional quality H B Santosh (2022-23 to 2027-28)
NRMACRIDASIL 202300200007 Development of microbial consortia for enhancing plant nutrient uptake of rainfed crops under moisture stress conditions Savitha Santosh (2023-24 to 2025-2026)
NRMACRIDASIL 202300400009 Climate resilient Integrated Farming System (IFS) for small holders of dryland areas B Bhargavi (2023-24 to 2028-2029)
NRMACRIDASIL 202300500010 Water saving traits contributing to the drought adaptation in green gram Jyothi Lakshmi (2023-24 to 2025-26)
NRMACRIDASIL 202300600011 Impact of different categories of El-Nino on productivity of major crops in India AVM Subba Rao (2023-24 to 2025-26)