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Hydromet and Early Warning Joint Learning Exercise conducted at ICAR-CRIDA

A delegation of 21 officials from the including World Bank, Governments of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka visited ICAR-CRIDA on 02 May 2023. The exercise was to enhance the operational knowledge of participants through the workshop and visits to institutions and practice sites in India. ICAR-CRIDA was identified as one of the partner institute for the theme 'agrometeorolog'. Dr Santanu Kumar Bal, Project Coordinator (Agromet.) I/c delivered the welcome address. The various research activities and accomplishments of ICAR-CRIDA was presented to the visiting team with the CRIDA profile video. In his opening remarks, Dr Vinod Kumar Singh, Director, ICAR-CRIDA opined that the hydromet-related extreme weather events are on the rise, causing greater threat to food security in south Asian countries. He also thanked the World Bank officials for choosing CRIDA as the partner institute for 'agrometeorology' and lauded AICRP on Agrometeorology for its accomplishments. Ms. Arti Belle, Senior disaster risk management specialist, World Bank detailed the inception of the joint learning exercise and the purpose the study visit. It was followed by four thematic lectures viz., agrometeorological interventions in agriculture: AICRPAM initiatives by Dr Santanu Kumar Bal; Agromet data sources by Dr A.V.M. Subba Rao, Principal Scientist (Agromet.), Crop weather calendars by Dr Sarath Chandran M.A., Scientist (Agromet.), and Agricultural contingency plans by Dr G. Ravindra Chary, Project Coordinator (AICRPDA) of ICAR-CRIDA. The lectures were followed by discussion in which the member of the visiting team clarified their doubts and explored the possibilities of replicating such works in their countries. In his concluding remarks, Dr L.S. Rathore, Consultant, World Bank suggested to have interdisciplinary coordination at international level to tackle hydromet disasters. He also highlighted the role of ICAR-CRIDA in capacity building programs and opined that development of crop contingency plan is the need of the hour. Dr Vinod Kumar Singh welcomed the suggestions of world bank and told that ICAR-CRIDA is always open to collaborations and it may be undertaken through a structured program. The function ended with the formal vote of thanks proposed by Dr A.V.M. Subba Rao.