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Tribal Sub Plan (TSP)

ICAR-CRIDA is implementing Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) in the lone tribal district of Telangana i.e. Adilabad which was selected as per the guidelines by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India, New Delhi. The various intervention and activities under TSP are spread over in ten villages of three mandals namely Gudihathnoor, Utnoor and Indraveli. There are total of 503 households covered under the TSP. The different interventions were planned and implemented in view of addressing 3 major aspects of crop production in rainfed ecosystem namely (1) efficient water management, (2) cultivation of improved varieties for enhanced sustainable production and (3) addressing the issues of livelihood through allied enterprises.

⦁ Development of Tribal Rural Livelihood Resource Centre (TRLRC)

ICAR-CRIDA has developed TRLRC to cater the purpose of (i) seed and input storage and distribution, (ii) farm implements, (iii) hatchery, (iv) record keeping and office activities and (v) providing working space for shelf help group formed under TSP. This multipurpose and versatile building premises also house the mini observatory for recording of rainfall, maximum and minimum temperature and relative humidity.

⦁ Development of farm pond for surface water harvesting

Intensive field survey was carried out to select suitable site for development of farm pond in different selected villages. Consequently, 40 such locations were selected based on prevailing land condition, crops, scope for other enterprises such as fisheries and duckery etc.

⦁ Participatory Ground water management using raingun irrigation system

The cumulative arable land in the village of Waijapur amounts to 75 acres distributed over 35 households. The tubewell/borewell being the only source of irrigation. Conventionally, the farmers in this region in general and this village in particular, hires the sprinkler system for irrigation in rabi season. The sprinkler system typically comprises of 5 sprinkler nozzles and each nozzle irrigate in the radii of 5-8 meters depending on the pumping pressure. The cost of such hiring is as high as Rs 8,000 per season. In view of this, a system of participatory ground water management was devised such that each field gets an opportunity for irrigation once in a week

⦁ Training and demonstration for collection of soil samples at famers field

A training and demonstration on true representative collection of the soil samples were conducted in different villages. Farmers were trained on proper collection of the soil samples and tagging. About 113 soil samples were collected so far from the different farmer’s field and analyzed for different plant nutrient parameters at CRIDA. Farmers were educated about the use of the soil test results while applying the fertilizers.

⦁ Introduction of improved variety of various crops

The improved variety for various Rabi crops were selected based on the local climatic conditions and prevailing soil type and local preferences. Accordingly, 74.5 quintal seeds of various Rabi crop were procured from different ICAR institutes and SAU and introduced to the identified tribal farmers (221 nos) of Keshlapur, Arkapalli, malkapur, Waizapur, Lakshampura, Muthunoor, Sitagondhi, Nizamguda, Godhraguda and Gharkhampet villages of Gudihatnoor Indravelli and Utnoor mandals covering total area of 645 Acres. The details are as below

⦁ Livelihoods option of Tribal farmers through improved variety of chicks

Backyard poultry in Adilabad is very popular and mostly undertaken by farm women as an avenue for income generation and livelihood security. ICAR-CRIDA intervened with the dual purpose improved backyard poultry birds through TSP. These varieties thrive well under restricted feeding and limited management practices. These birds have been identified for intervention due to multiple colour plumage and fetch better price in terms of meat as well as egg in the market.

⦁ Field day

ICAR-CRIDA organised field day at Waizapur village, Adilabad district under Tribal Sub Plan on 14th February, 2023. Dr. V.K Singh, Director CRIDA in his address motivated the farmers towards adopting latest technologies like water conservation, new seed varieties and also motivated the farmers to take up different livelihood opportunities including backyard poultry. On this occasion, a society named “Nagoba Tribal welfare service society” was formed with mainly women farmers as its members. Vegetable preservator, rain gun and chicks were also distributed to the farmers. The team also visited sorghum and chickpea fields where rain guns were demonstrated.

Capacity Building

⦁ Participation in the National Seminar

About 20 farmers attended the National Seminar on “Harnessing the Potential of Panchabhutas (tatvas) for Sustainable Climate-Resilient Rainfed Agriculture” during September 28-29, 2022 at ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad. Farmers were provided knowledge on rainwater management, soil health management in rainfed agriculture and the importance of the Panchabhutas: Akash, Vayu, Agni, Jal, and Prithvi in sustainable agriculture. They received training on natural farming and different aspects of agricultural production.

Participation in the National Seminar at ICAR-CRIDA

⦁ Participation in the International Seminar

About 50 farmers from different TSP villages of Adilabad attended the International Conference on “Reimagining Rainfed Agroecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities” during December 22–24, 2022 at ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad. In this seminar, farmers got a clear idea about climate-resilient agricultural practices and sustainable soil management practices that will increase farmers income as well as soil health. They were exposed to exhibitions of different aspects, like drones, Nano fertilizers, polyhalite applications in agriculture, and precision irrigation management.

Participation in the International Conference at ICAR-CRIDA

⦁ Training

ICAR-CRIDA conducted five days training programme for farmers from Adilabad District under TSP on "Soil and Water Management in Agriculture" from June 5-9, 2023. The training includes lectures, hands on experience and also exposure visits. Various topics like irrigation management in major rainfed crops, improving water use efficiency through soil health management, social engineering in participatory water management, climate resilient agriculture in Adilabad District etc were cover during the training programme. As a part of training programme various exposure visits were conducted for the farmers including Water technology centre, PJTSAU, WALMTRI, Rajendranagar and ICAR-Indian Institute of Millet Research, Hyderabad.

Participation in the Training at ICAR-CRIDA from June 5-9, 2023