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Dr. I. Srinivas

Principal Scientist (Farm Machinery Power) & OIC, HRF

Education : Ph.D. in Energy Studies
Major research areas : Farm mechanization, Biofulels processing and Alternate energies
E-mail : i.srinivas@icar.gov.in

Experience profile
  • Senior Scientist 2008 till date
  • Scientist Selection Grade 2004-2008
  • Scientist Sr. Scale 1999-2004
  • Scientist S-1 1993-1999
  • M.Tech. - 01 ; B.Tech Project - 12 ; Ph.D. - 01
  • Received National Research Development Corporation's (A Govt. of India enerprise for the promotion of New innovations) meritorious invention award for Republic day - 1998 Award for the invention of Palmyrah fibre separator
  • Received Best innovation award for CRIDA Vegetable preservator by Trade Trends, magazine Guntur in November, 2004
  • Received Best Invention award in All India Industrial Exhibition held at Hyderabad in February 1999 for Palmyrah fibre separator
  • Received Best Invention award for the invention of Banana fibre separator in 2005 from the National Research Development Corporation, India
  • Best paper presentation award for Presenting Research Paper on "Production Potentional of Indigofere in Rainfed SAT regions" in National Symposium on Production, Processing and Marketing of Medicinal and Aromatic and Dye Yielding crops, organized by UAS Dharwad and National Medicinal Plants Board at Arabhavi from February 22-23.
    Authors(s) Year Title Journal
    I.Srinivas, K.Nagarajan, G.Ramprasad, M.s.Chari and S.Gunneswara Rao 1999 NPV extractor for commercial production Tobacco Research published by Indian Society of Tobacco Science, India, Vol 25, No.2
    I.Srnivas and M.Umamaheswara Rao 1999 Energy Conservation with3-tiered flue pipe system for tobacco curing barns Tobacco Research published by Indian Society of Tobacco Science, India, Vol. No.25 No.2
    Mayande V.M., Srinivas I, Adake R.V. and Y.Srinivasulu 2002 Investigations on groundnut planting accuracy and seed size using inclined plate planter Indian Journal of Dryland Agriculture Research and Development, Vol,.17 No.2
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    I.Srinivas, G.Rajeswara Rao, G.Pratibha, G.R.Korwar and B.Venkateswarlu 2009 Effect of Operating conditons on oil extraction from Pongamia Pinnata seeds for on-farm value addition Journal of OIlseeds research pp 698-699, Vo.26
    I.Srinivas, K.V.Sharma, V.M.Mayande and R.V.Adake 2009 Effect of compression ratio and speed on oil recovery and energy consumption in mini oil expeller for pongamia and jatropha seed oil expulsion Indian Jr. of Dryland Agriculture, Res and Development Volume 23(2): 67-73
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    Sriniv as I., Adake, R.V., Mayande V.M. and Y.Srinivasulu 2009 Timeliness and precision indices for dryland agriculture (in press) Indian journal of dryland agriculture research and development
    Technical Bulletins:
    1. Srinivas, I., Sudhakar, R. and Nagarajan., K 2001, “ New Palmyarh fibre separator” Published by Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajahmundry.

    2. Srinivas, I., Mayande V. M. and Adake, R. V. and 2004. CRIDA Castor Sheller (A machine with minimal power requirement for shelling castor) Technical bulletin No. NATP/MMPDM/CRIDA/TB-17/04 Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Santoshnagar, Saidabad P. O., Hyderabad- 500 59.

    3. Srinivas, I., Mayande V. M. and Adake, R. V. 2004. CRIDA Preservator (An eco-friendly invention to preserve fruits and vegetable) Technical bulletin No. NATP/MMPDM/CRIDA/TB-08/04 Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Santoshnagar, Saidabad P. O., Hyderabad- 500 59.

    4. Mayande, V. M., Srinivas, I. Adake, R. V. and Ramakrishna, Y.S. 2004. CRIDA Implements for Timely Sowing of Dryland crops. Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Santoshnagar, Saidabad P. O., Hyderabad- 500 59.

    5. Adake, R. V., Mayande, V. M., and Srinivas, I. 2004. CRIDA Groundnut Stripper Technical bulletin, Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Santoshnagar, Saidabad P. O., Hyderabad- 500 59.

    6. Sudhakar, R., Venkatasubramanyan, V., Singh, K.D. and I. Srinivas 2002,” Banana fibre separator” published by CTRI, Rajahmundry.

    7. Pratibha, G., Srinivas, I., et al 2006 “ On farm Value addition of Rainfed crops with CRIDA Herbal Dryer

    8. B. Sanjeeva Reddy, C.R. Thyagaraj, I. Srinivas., R.V. Adake., P.K. Mathod, B. Venkateswarlu, Metta Vyvasayaniki Melaina Yentra Parikaralu (Telugu)

Any other relevant information

Patents applied

  1. Palmyrah fibre separating machine: Patent application with complete specifications submitted to IPR with provisional patent application number 459/DL/2002 dated 01-05-2002.

  2. Banana fibre extracting machine: Patent application with complete specifications submitted to Patent Office Channai in 2005

  3. A process for pretreatment of Jatropha/Pongamia seed before oil expulsion to reduce free fatty acids in oil and to increase oil yield for higher Biodiesel recovery applied in May 2009 application no. 1084/CHE/2009

Implementable Technology generated :

  1. Energy Efficient Mini oil expeller for extraction of Pongamia and Jatropha oils

  2. Dual fuel chamber with heating system for 100 % Biodiesel utilization in Tractors.

  3. New model Palmyrah fibre separator: A new model Palmyrah fibre separator has been designed by modifying the first model which was useful to separate the palmyrah fibre from the fronds.

  4. Banana fibre extractor: An innovative machine to extract the banana fibre from the pseudo stems of banana.

  5. Three tired flue pipe system for heat recycling in tobacco curing: This technology is widely accepted by the farmers in tobacco cropping system.

  6. Commercial model of NPV extractor: This machine is useful for commercial production of Nuclear polyhydorsis virus solution which is biopesticide for semilooper and Heleothis pests on cotton and tobacco.

  7. LPG based auto control direct heating system for tobacco curing: A technology developed to use the liquid petroleum gas for curing the tobacco.

  8. CRIDA vegetable preservator: A unit for preserving fruits and vegetables for 10 days at 18-200C and 80 % humidity with zero energy.

  9. CRIDA Castor sheller: A minimal energy driven machine used to shell the castor at high precision with more output.

  10. CRIDA Herbal dryer: This unit is based on high precision auto control gas fueled low temperature high mass flow rate system which is used to dehydrate all the medicinal, aromatic and horticultural crops at optimum temperature and humidity levels.

  11. Mini oil expeller: A mini oil expeller with low energy input for higher oil recovery for Pongamia and Jatropha oil extraction is designed and developed.

  12. Tractor fuel tank modification for 100 % biodiesel usage