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World Soil Day was organized at TSP adopted village of Malkapur, Adilabad, Telangana.

Our planet’s survival depends on the precious link between soil and water. Over 95 percent of our food originates from these two fundamental resources. Soil water, vital for nutrient absorption by plants, binds our ecosystems together. This symbiotic relationship is the foundation of our agricultural systems. However, in the face of climate change and human activity, our soils are being degraded, putting excessive pressure on our water resources. Erosion disrupts the natural balance, reducing water infiltration and availability for all forms of life. Sustainable soil management practices, such as minimum tillage, crop rotation, organic matter addition, and cover cropping, improve soil health, reduce erosion and pollution, and enhance water infiltration and storage. These practices also preserve soil biodiversity, improve fertility, and contribute to carbon sequestration, playing a crucial role in the fight against climate change. Therefore, the United Nations based Food and Agriculture Organization has set “Soil and Water: a source of life” as the theme of this year’s World Soil Day celebration worldwide to raise awareness of the importance and relationship between soil and water in achieving sustainable and resilient agrifood systems.

On this occasion, ICAR- Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad organized a World Soil Day on 5th December, 2023 in TSP adopted village of Malkapur, Adilabad, Telangana. More than 100 farmers were participated in this programme, including the large number of the women farmers.

The programme was attended by Dr. Ram Prasad, Principal Scientist, ARS, Adilabad, Dr. Raghuveer, Scientist, ARS, Adilabad, Dr. Revati, Mandal Agriculture Officer, Gudihathnoor, Adilabad, Mr. Shridhar, Agriculture Extension Officer, Adilabad, The deputy Sarpanch Mr. Daulat Rao and Miss. Shrilata, Panchayat Samiti Secretary.

A field day cum farmer-scientist interaction meet were also organized as a part of soil health awareness programme. ICAR- CRIDA scientists visited to the farmers field in the villages ie., Keshlapur and Muthunoor, and interacted to the different farmers. A detailed discussion on the soil-water management were taken during the programme.

During the discussion, team suggested to the farmers for integrated nutrient management for crop nutrient demand. Team suggested at least 40-50% of crop nutrient demand should be fulfil through organic nutrient sources such as FYM, Compost, Vermicompost etc. Team also highlighted the importance of the soil health card for balanced fertilizer application for crop nutrient demand.

The progress of the TSP interventions also monitored in these villages. The performance of the gram variety (NBEG-452), pigeonpea (PRG-176), soybean (MAU-612) varieties monitored at the farmers field. The seeds of these varieties distributed by the ICAR-CRIDA under TSP programme. The germination rate and growth of the variety found quite satisfactory in gram crop. The growth of the pigeonpea crop was also good and crop is near the harvesting stage, The soybean crop has been already harvested. The appropriate suggestions were made for the effective control of the insect-pest in the gram crop