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Report on Field inspection and monitoring of redgram variety TDRG-59 at Mothkur mandal, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district.

Shri. P. Ramakrishna, Technical Officer, CRIDA-KVK along with the Seed certifying officer from Telangana State Seed & Organic Certification Authority (TSSOCA), Government of Telangana, inspected the field of farmer shri. K. Bhiksham Reddy and monitored the redgram (TDRG-59) crop at Aregudem village, Mothkur mandal, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district, Telangana on 12th January 2024; to verify the conformity of the standing pigeon pea crop to the prescribed field standards. Shri. P. Ramakrishna, clarified the farmer about the Economic threshold levels (ETL) based management of the pod borer complex of redgram until harvest and highlighted the varietal characters of TDRG-59 and its market demand. After collecting Geographic coordinates of the Field, Dr. V. Prudhvi Raj, Asst. Director of Seed Certification (ADSC), TSSOCA, Hyderabad, enquired about the field operations undertaken by the farmer. He advised the farmer about necessary precautionary measures to be taken while harvesting to maintain the genetic purity of the crop.