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Rice Yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker)

Among the stem borers infesting rice, the yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), is an important pest of rice throughout tropical South and Southeast Asia. Its incidence is most predominant in tropical lowland rice and deep-water rice. The pest attacks all stages of the crop. Larval damage to tillers during the vegetative stage results in ‘dead heart’ symptom (drying up of central shoot) and damage during the panicle initiation stage results in ‘white ear’ (chaffy, unfilled grains). Stem borer adults are strongly attracted to light and signal the initiation of a fresh brood. Several factors strongly influence the relative abundance of stem borer populations like rainfall and humidity. However, development of stem borer life stages is strongly driven by temperature. Cooler temperatures and day length changes induce diapause or temporary arrest in development in mature larvae. One can can easily observe adult moths attracted to light sources near rice fields during the season. This information can be used to forecast the timing of generations under field conditions by providing current weather data for the location and date of observation (BioFix).

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Yellow Stemborer Eggmass
Yellow Stemborer Larva
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Yellow Stemborer Adult
Yellow Stemborer Adult
Yellow Stemborer- Deadheart Symptom
Field Infestation by Yellow Stemborer during vegetative stage in rice.
Yellow Stemborer-Whiteear Symptom