CropPest DSS
Degree Days Validate Model

Historical weather data can be selected for 383 districts in rice and cotton growing states for validating past pest incidence data and relation to growing degree-days. With base temperature and upper developmental threshold temperatures as input and choice of appropriate calculation methods and starting dates, the calculator can be used to arrive at daily and accumulated degree-days. Based on thermal constants the calculator can indicate percentage development of the pest. The tool has options for validating using historical weather data for 383 locations, upload data for any location and also works with predefined model parameters for target pests: leaf folder, YSB, plant hoppers and mealybug.
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Lower Threshold (oC)
Upper Threshold (oC)
Method of Calculation
Select State
Select District
Date of Sowing / Transplanting (dd/mm/yyyy)
BioFix Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Observed Life Stage in field as on BioFix Date
Enter Growing Degree Days
Give Degree-days required for completion of insect life stages
Larva / Nymph