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About Thrips

Thrips are early season sucking pests on cotton which cause wrinkling and leaf curling (upwards), white silvery patches on upper surface and rusty appearance on under surface of leaves. Pest build up is favored by occurrence of congenial weather conditions during the first 60 days of crop growth. Weekly prediction of thrips severity is done on the basis of weather conditions prevailed during the preceding week. Based on the severity predicted, suggested management interventions are to be taken up considering spray interval (a gap of 7 to 15 days is advised between sprays), crop age and economics of protection.

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Weather Based Prediction Rule for Thrips

Please input weather data for the preceding week (mean of previous 7 days)

Mean Temperature
Mean Relative Humidity
Rainfall (mm)
Rainy days in a week
(RD = >2.5 mm/day)
Mirid adult
Square discoloration
Parrot beaking symptom