Sample csv file format

Note : Maintain minimum 5 records before the BioFix date.
For Ex : If BioFix date is 05/01/2013, then maintain the records from 01/01/2013.

Download sample weather data file in csv format

       Step  1 : Arrange daily weather data in an Excel sheet in the given format and maintain order of parameter.

  1. No headers required.
  2. Column1 : Date
  3. Column2 : Maximum Temperature
  4. Column3 : Minimum temperature.
  5. Date format should be dd/mm/yyyy.
  6. The data in the Excel sheet should look like this.

      sample csv formatted file
       Step 2 : Save in CSV (Comma delimited) format.
       How to save in csv

       Step 3 : Select the file in the concerned directory for uploading.