CropPest DSS
Research into Development of Decision Support Systems for Insect Pests of Major Rice and Cotton based Cropping Systems

Release of Crop-Pest-Weather Database

  • The crop-pest-weather database for rice and cotton documents weekly pest records (34,472) for 11 insect pests and diseases in rice and 13 insect pests and diseases in cotton along with corresponding weather across 12 important locations spread across India. The oldest continuous record up to date is from 1975 for rice yellow stem borer.

  • Users can retrieve and view historical pest and weather records in the form of graphs and data tables which can be saved for further analysis. Pest graphs of time series data can be viewed for the selected period and also be superimposed on corresponding weather parameters.

  • The database is useful for pest forecast modeling groups as it provides a ready access to develop forewarning tools and also to extension functionaries such as KVK scientists and Agromet Field Units (AMFUs) involved in agro-advisory services to compare current season weather based pest alerts with past trends for a given location.