CropPest DSS
Degree Days Calculation

Users can use the thermal time concept to forecast the timing of life stages for any crop pest of their interest by providing relevant inputs such as threshold temperatures (lower & upper; default values are 10 and 40 deg C; selecting method of calculation of degree days (most popular one is single sine method); date of sowing of crop; current local weather data; BioFix date (date of pest observation) and pest stage observed under field conditions. Users need to select the applicable state and district. The forecast is provided in the form of earliest starting dates of pest life stages. Users can focus on the damaging stages for scouting and initiating IPM interventions based on the pest density levels.

Lower Threshold (oC)
Upper Threshold (oC)
Method of Calculation
Date of Sowing / Transplanting (dd/mm/yyyy)
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BioFix Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Observed Life Stage in field as on BioFix Date
Accumulated Degreeday Forecast
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Enter Growing Degree Days
Give Degree-days required for completion of insect life stages
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